Our Services

Advice & technical assistance


  • In Health, networking with veterinarians
  • In Nutrition, formulation and optimization of feed recipes, design of your feed ranges.
  • In Industrial Production, Process and Equipment, with the assistance from the best engineers in Technology.
  • In livestock production: breeding and rearing advices.

Decision support


  • The key factors to master and optimize your international sourcing.
  • The adaptability of your services, your products, to best respond to the transitions observed in world trade, in productions and regulations.
  • The strategy to better reach and enter your “export” markets.
  • Anticipate and participate in transitions of productions and in regulations, in order to remain competitive.



  • In each of the different sectors of activity, we will put you in touch with the best specialists, engineers, nutritionists, technologists.
  • Together we will build your specifications and will provide solutions.
  • We will optimize costs in sourcing and in production.
  • We will provide you with the best of the product-service couple.
  • We offer “product” training, training on production techniques. These trainings will be “customized.”